Obligatory Uses Page

  • 16-inch Macbook Pro - Space Gray

    Most defintley the best laptop I've ever had. I had the 13" before this which I loved, but the extra screen is nice and the standard specs are on point

  • Herman Miller Aeron

    A truly amazing office chair. I sat in a used $30 chair for years. After a great deal of suffering my wife insisted I try one of these. I had no idea that life could be so much better.

  • Stand Desk

    There are lots of standing desks out there, and this is the only one I've ever had, but I really like it. I bought it from my employer when they closed down their office and we whent remote first.

  • Table Plus

    Just like you, I used Sequel Pro for many years. It's reliability began to suffer, so the past year or so I've since adopted TablePlus. I bought a two computer license and use it on my work laptop as well as my personal.

  • LG Ultra Fine

    This is standard issue by my current employer. It's very nice. A little too nice :)

  • Magic Keyboard

    I like this keyboard a lot.

  • Sip

    A nifty color picker app for the mac.

  • Magic Trackpad

    I really like this. I have a magic mouse as well, but typically I'm using this. I don't use a mouse/trackpad often, but when I do this reduces some of the wrist strain.

  • Microsoft Edge

    Clean chrome like experience, except not Google, but Microsoft haha.

  • Bear

    Very clean, simple, markdown note taking app.

  • Digital Ocean

    All my personal projects are running on Digital Ocean. Intuitive user experience and great documentation.